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Be Center Court at the US Open

March 6, 2012
Be center court at the US Open with Quintess Beyond

Buenos Aires: The Paris of South America

March 1, 2012

Meet Ariel Lopez Varela, a native Argentinian who grew up in the rugged countryside raising animals and riding horses. But he’s also a gold medal winner from the most prestigious culinary school in Argentina and one of the city’s most knowledgeable insiders, which makes him an anomaly of sorts: Buenos Aires local, gourmet chef, top concierge and gaucho at heart.

Buenos Aires, Argentina with Quintess Beyond

February 28, 2012
Buenos Aires, Argentina - Quintess Beyond takes you to South America

Nantucket and Fire Island are New Quintess Beyond Destinations

February 23, 2012
Two new Quintess Beyond properties on the east coast: Nantucket and Fire Island.

Winter Newsletter

February 20, 2012
Member Liz Rueven explains Wine Country's culinary call.

The New York Times

February 18, 2012

Three years ago, destination clubs seemed to be struggling for dear life as the economy collapsed. But a couple of the clubs - essentially collections of luxury homes available for short-term use in fancy resort areas - managed to survive. And now they have come up with new variations that cost less to join but retain the air of exclusivity.

“Conversation Starter” Blog Contest

February 16, 2012

Our 2011 photo contests were so popular that we’re adding a twist to 2012. The two Members and two non-Members (so tell your friends!) who comment the most on our blogs will each win a gourmet Quintess Mastering the Art of Mixology gift set, complete with a bottle of Colorado-made Spring44 Honey Vodka, imported Italian Luxardo maraschino cherries and Bitter Truth Aromatic Cocktail Bitters brought in from Germany.

Nantucket: Go to Get Away

February 15, 2012

Jeanne Caspe, your Quintess Beyond Nantucket Hostess, has been coming to the island for over twenty-two years. Although she originally came over from nearby Norfolk, Massachusetts as a summer guest, she could somehow never wrench herself away from Nantucket’s charms: distinctive historic feel, quaint cobblestoned streets, pristine grounds...

KosherLikeMe: Discovering the Unexpected on Canouan Island

February 7, 2012

Heading out of Dodge for a much needed winter break to Canouan Island, in the Grenadines, didn’t require much research other than my same ol’ questions about what there is to eat for those who are Kosher Like Me.


January 17, 2012 is quite possible to travel the world and stay at some exquisite residences while enjoying personalized services and extensive amenities. Club Holidings, LLC, a luxury travel company based in Broomfield, recently released The Quintess Collection that offers member the freedom and flexibility to enjoy more than 100 homes and travel experiences in more than 40 destinations around the globe.

January Photo of the Month: Unlock the Secrets of Provence

January 3, 2012
Set adrift on a fresh lavender breeze through the French countryside with Quintess Beyond Provence. With two stunning Provençal country homes and a lovely local hostess to show you the best of the region, your next European adventure promises to be unlike any before. Meet Janine, your Provence hostess, and read about a few of her well-curated favorites in our blog, Provencal Secrets.

December Photo of the Month: Back by Popular Demand

December 20, 2011

The yoga retreat was outstanding. It was truly magical and perfect in each and every way. I hope Quintess continues to offer the Cabo yoga retreat, as I would book it yearly. I immediately felt a connection to Shannon; she is the perfect instructor. Our Host Silvana went above and beyond in everything - she knew what we needed and provided it before we even knew we needed it! Shannon was amazing and made the experience even more magical. I had three people at my son's school tell me the week I returned that I appeared to be glowing...

Provencial Secrets

December 13, 2011

Meet Janine Guignard, our Quintess Beyond Provence Concierge and expert in all things French and fabulous. British by birth and European by nature, Janine grew up beneath endless blue skies on the island of Crete, where she worked in the tourism trade until her French husband swept her off her feet and into the pastoral beauty of Aix en Provence. As a mother of...

Making of the Video: A Sneak Peek at QuintessTV

December 8, 2011

In a culture dominated by glowing tablets, chirping mobile devices and vibrating messages, it sometimes seems that the printed word, venerable institution though it may be, is becoming an altogether outdated modality. Here at Quintess, we began to wonder: do Members get enough from printed communications, or is there another, more dynamic way to connect? Enter QuintessTV. Easily digestible segments. A full spectrum of images and voices. An up-close look at Collection destinations and executives. And best of all, an interactive way for Members to stay in the know.

Private Wealth

December 6, 2011

Our members own their own companies; they are private equity or fund managers; they are surgeons or lawyers with their own practices. They are very busy. They have money, but not necessarily the time to enjoy it. The Quintess Collection membership is how they can without the burden of owning a second home.

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