Dominican Republic

DESTINATION Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a colorful tapestry of Spanish, French, Haitian and African influences woven by a rich and storied history. Today, those seeking rest and relaxation flock to the miles of silky-fine latte-colored sand, deserted beaches and coconut palms of the eastern-tip resort compound, Punta Cana. Europeans first discovered this secret hideaway, and for the most part the ambience is “Europe in the Tropics” as seen through a Dominican filter. Rent a car or purchase an excursion if you want to sightsee or take a day-trip to Santo Domingo.

Villa Barlovento

Dominican Republic

A Luxurious 4-Bedroom Retreat in Punta Cana Resort. Escape to the tropical haven of Villa Barlovento, a 4-bedroom oasis within Punta Cana Resort, offering opulent living, breathtaking views, and exclusive access to resort amenities.