Qcoins: Reward Yourself

Welcome to Qcoins, the new rewards program which rewards YOU with a world of luxury travel and other products to make your life easier, happier and more luxurious! As of this writing (April 2017) we have 2263 nights at 145 properties around the world, from Australian beach houses to ski lodges in Lake Tahoe, villas in Greece and penthouses in Paris.

Qcoins can be applied to cover up to 75% of the cost of luxury travel in a portfolio of stunning homes around the world. Qcoins may be gifted to another person or donated to the charity of your choice. Tax benefits may accrue from charitable donations.

Qcoins was previously called Whim Travels. The program is growing beyond just luxury travel, so we changed the name. Every Whim point will be converted to one Qcoin (on a one-for-one basis).

You can earn Qcoins (each valued at $150) in a number of ways, from converting existing membership deposits, participating in a charity event, winning an auction or paddle raise, or through numerous other activities. We will be adding new partners and even more offerings soon, call us at 888.470.9555 if you have any questions.

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The Quintess Life

For us, family traditions are born within the Club. We’ve celebrated birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and so many other events at Quintess properties. The Hosts and the Member Relations team consistently go above and beyond to ensure every occasion is a unique, memorable experience. I have introduced ten families to Quintess, and they have been so satisfied with the Club that almost all have upgraded since joining.

- Jeff Drazen
Member since 2005