Posted | April 16, 2015

Beyond the historic splendor of Rome, there’s a lush expanse of romantic cities, architecture, and food just waiting to be savored by Brittany Fuisz

by Susan Kime

Rome may be known as the "Eternal City” but the entire country of Italy has an allure that is everlasting. No matter how many times you have visited, a plethora of new discoveries and enduring history await you. With the declining Euro, 2015 finds Italy more palatable on the pocketbook, affording you the opportunity to indulge more deeply in a person al amore experience.

Via del Corso, Rome

Lake Como

Villa Colline, Tuscany

In Florence, Meditate Like a Medici

Though a trip to Italy is not complete without visiting Rome, Florence – Tuscany’s capital – is a must. Camerata is a choice tourbase to experience this fabled city, with exquisite architecture encompassing original plaster and 18th -century frescos. While private rooms include a modern kitchen, entertainment system, and designer furniture, the main floor dining mezzanine is a haven spacious enough for eight guests ─ though you may want to savor it by yourself. The location is also exquisite: a five-minute walk from the famous Piazza della Signoira. You’ll love coming home to the beautiful Camerata after a day of viewing the works of Michelangelo. If you’re in Florence at the end of April, you’ll be able to celebrate Notte Bianca, or “White Night". Shops and museums stay open all night long, while the piazzas and streets are filled with performances, music, food, cultural talks, and films. The party goes until dawn the next day.