Custom Vacation Portfolios

Offer a customized travel portfolio to your members.

Custom Vacation Portfolios

Quintess has developed a luxury vacation platform that adds significant value to your club or organization by delivering a customized portfolio of vacation homes and adventure travel experiences around the world.

“Personalization is the name of the game… when it comes to the travel customer experience.” ~Skift, 2018

Portfolio options

Add vacation platforms to your portfolio to customize the experience according to your members’ travel needs and desires.

Core service offerings

Our core business structure delivers the ultimate in vacation travel experiences by incorporating the essential functions and roles of a luxury resort hotel into our service model.

Partnership proposal

“45% of travelers have a bucket list in mind and 82% of them plan to tick one or more destinations off their list in the coming year.”, 2018


“… three in four millennials said they’d rather buy and experience than any physical good.” ~Brian Chesky, Airbnb CEO, 2018


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