The Quintess Collection is a luxury destination club that offers more than 400 members privileged access to a curated portfolio of vacation homes, cruises, and travel adventures around the globe.
We partner with some of the industry’s top vacation rental companies, property management firms, luxury resort brands, and private homeowners to locate the best homes in the most coveted destinations and integrate them into our residential portfolio.
We are now looking to expand the portfolio substantially to satisfy the explosive growth of our private network of wealthy travelers and would like to explore a partnership with you. We can easily connect and start generating revenue immediately through our connectivity to BookingPal or Rentals United.


Our Quintess club members are the cream of the luxury travel crop, enjoying vacation time with family and friends, more often and for more weeks per year than the industry average. They are the wealthy elite, mostly entrepreneurs and C-level business owners, who are enjoying the fruits of their labors. Travel is important in their lives as a way to experience the world on their own or with family and friends. They are not price-sensitive and are willing to pay for a curated vacation. Comfort and service are most important.


We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence. In the ever-changing world of luxury hospitality, we challenge ourselves to continually elevate our standards and services.

  • Global Presence – Our strategic partnerships expand the Quintess footprint to the most coveted destinations around the globe.
  • 750+ Luxury Vacation Options – We offer a robust portfolio of luxury accommodations including private residences, resort villas and five-star hotels.
  • 300+ Employees and Service Partners – Quintess combines the experience, charm, and local insight of luxury hospitality professionals all over the world.


We have developed partnerships with private homeowners, property management firms, resort hotels, and real estate agents worldwide providing a business model that creates guaranteed revenue for both partners.
Here are some of the highlights.

  • Additional reach for your properties
  • Guaranteed revenue
  • Luxury clientele
  • Heads in beds
  • Local service teams
  • Two partnership options
    • A lease agreement – low risk option with guaranteed, competitive rental income each month
    • Pay Per Night agreement – In exchange for a competitive commission rate, we maximize your market exposure and rent nights as available. In addition, our marketing team will maximize your exposure by featuring your property on our closed membership networks with over 10K clients as well as global distribution channels

For more information specific to your business structure, please download one or more of the partnership fact sheets below.


The following are the minimum requirements for a residence to be considered for our portfolio.

  • Coveted destinations – warm beach locations, mountain resorts, US and European cities, luxury lifestyle locations
  • Location within a destination – centrally located, resort setting, proximity to attractions, great views
  • Accommodation type – resort villas, private vacation homes, luxury condominiums
  • Bedroom count – two to five bedrooms
  • Home configuration – 1:1 bed to bath (en suite baths preferred), full kitchen, dining room, large living area
  • Availability – a minimum of 65% of the calendar available for bookings for the next 12 months
  • Rate per night – $400-$4,000 USD per night
  • Property management – professional services under contract that meet our standards (note: if professional services are not currently in place, we can assist in contracting with partners to implement Quintess standards)


When both parties express mutual interest, the real estate partnering process is set in motion. Beginning with the Initial Residence Assessment, we move through each phase so as not miss a single detail.


As the vacation rental market continues to evolve, it is vitally important for Quintess and its partners to continue to be proactive, creative, bold and innovative in our thoughts and business tactics.

Our business strategy will allow us to benefit from the industry’s forward momentum while remaining at the forefront of luxury travel and hospitality. We are delighted to invite you to join us in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Quintess Collection